Facebook Ads Eulogy


It was magical.

It could skyrocket the sales of almost any biz with very little investment.

Virtually overnight.

And then the locusts came.

Swarms of greedy marketers saw how profitable FB ads was, so they hopped on the bandwagon and drove costs all the way to kingdom come (and far, far beyond). They abused the prized traffic source so much, the Zuckergeeks started banning and slapping marketers left, right and center.

Now it’s almost impossible to run a profitable FB campaign in many niches.

The response rates are down.

The click prices are sky high.

And most “profit-rich” markets are banned… including biz opp!


Move away from the heard and use a high-quality lead source few know of.

I’ve been testing the heck out of a new *virgin* traffic source I discovered.

It isn’t swarmed with competitors.

And the conversions it’s producing remind me of the good ol’ FB ads back in the day

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