Here’s what you should be watching on Netflix

Do yourself a great favor and throw on some sweats, pick up a pint…

(of ice cream or beer or anything really)

And cozy up with ‘Sing Street,’ a new feel-good musical on Netflix that scored a 96% on Rotten Tomatoes.

In a dead-end town where kids’ only aspirations are heavy drinking and watching day-time TV, 14-year-old Conor is smacked in the face by hope and wonder.

It comes in the face of the uber-cool, beautiful, and mysterious teen model, Raphina.

For the sole purpose of winning an audience with her, Conor starts a band, and the rest is… well… just a great movie.

On his way out, Conor sings about his life like it was a stolen car:

This is your life
You can go anywhere
You gotta grab the wheel and own it

This is your life
You can be anything
You gotta learn to rock and roll it
You gotta put the pedal down
And drive it like you stole it
And drive it like you stole it

We get stuck in the dirt
And we can’t see where we’re going
We face all kinds of hurt
And the friction slows us down
But I won’t be waiting here for the world to win me gold
And I’ll leave your dust behind me
Stranded in the road

What are you waiting for, stuck in a rut of a job, pouring yourself out where you’re not getting appreciated or compensated nearly enough?

This is your life. You’ve got to drive it like you stole it.

Or stay where you are.

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